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What Eye Minds




fencecrowns_photosmovies.jpgCopyright 2012 Malcolm Ryder

Given the option, we'll ask color to  justify our paying attention by being part of what we know. We don't think of black and white rendering as being "without color", We ask it instead to stay separate from us while being believable.


Under the Tree





AutumnBulbs-IMG_0005Abw.jpgCopyright 2012 Malcolm Ryder

Each branch on a tree is a train of thought, with an individual goal for a common purpose.Nearby, our geometries are quotes. 


Yardening 1







Yardening-IMG_0015Abw.jpgCopyright 2012 Malcolm Ryder



PileUp Park





PileUpPicnic-IMG_5508a.jpgCopyright 2012 Malcolm Ryder

The difference between a park, a town hall and a temple is just the agenda.







SpottedPetals-IMG-20120706-00664A.jpgCopyright 2012 Malcolm Ryder

Modeling makes looks mean something; portraiture makes meaning look like something.







BayBridge-IMG-20121111-00908Abw.jpgCopyright 2012 Malcolm Ryder

The art of making the water go away is taken seriously by civilizations that want to use it.