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Why corners? For drawing or photography, corners are like models; but they all start out as abstractions.

The problem that corners present is to take the expected organization that  by definition a "corner" means, and determine how the actual chaos of its ingredients manages to compose the particular distinctive, distilled, instance of it.





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An image is an idea. A picture is a presentation. An icon is an archetype of an image.

In journalism, an image causes a picture. In art, a picture causes an image. The two are not mutually exclusive. And a picture carries an image from one place to another.


9eleven AP Photo by Chao Soi Cheong.jpg

ABOVE: AP Photo / Choa Soi Cheong

BELOW: The Towering Inferno, Irwin Allen Productions / Fred J. Koenekamp & Joseph F. Biroc

Towering-Inferno Irwin Allen.jpg


Authentic Re-Production


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying, and Love the Provenance.

In the interest of being brief, we'll assume that either Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo or Bing will tell you more about Uncle Earl, Re-photography, and Ansel Adams than you need to find out here. Instead, just imagine that you had 5 million dollars to spend on getting a single and unique "real" Ansel Adams print.

  1. For 5 million, you want to bring Adams back to life, have him come up with a new idea for a picture, shoot and print the picture, and destroy the negative.
  2. If he doesn't destroy the negative, then you only pay 2.5 million.
  3. Didn't print it himself, only 1.5 million.
  4. Didn't shoot it himself, only 750,000.
  5. Didn't come up with the new idea himself, only 250,000.
  6. Merely came back to life, nothing else, just a speaker's fee: 150,000 single appearance, but exclusively at your dinner party.

In marketing, what happens is that you start at the bottom, and losing all the discounts in reverse order, you compete to get to the top of the stack. Along the way, you have to handle lawyers, digitization, experts, and the media, so that no one else can horn in on your action. Last man standing pays the bill.









Copyright 2010 Malcolm Ryder