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Jack London -- Xit Xing





Transit Crossing.

Landscape drawing creates features that are about place and space. While architectures create spaces to define the purpose of place, landscapes of the architectures then draw the features not of things but of the purposes.

This image's small collection of decorations such as explicit 'Stop's versus implcit 'Go's, opaque windows,  and free lines versus embedded lines, is very dry. But the flat compliance of this landscape's features to a grid is also the most romantic concept in the field of industrial efficiency.

Copyright 2010 Malcolm Ryder

MacArthur after Laurel





Farther along MacArthur Avenue, beyond the official redevelopment zone of "The Laurel", small businesses push elaborate snares  into the traffic sightlines like hungry exotic undersea blossoms, attempting to funnel in the passing fish for dinner.

Copyright 2010 Malcolm Ryder